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Most of all the things in my life i enjoy making something new
Create, combine, break it apart, reorganize and start over
I like to design things in a wide range of senses
So please don't be surprise by the list my skills
I making 3d modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, vfx as well as 2d animation, composing, color correction. I also enjoy web design - so i design for web. Im using php, javascript, html5 and css3
Yes, i really can do all that stuff
Fast and professionally
I got like 14 y of xp
Drop me a line - i'll be glad to answer all your questions

Possition: Designer, Teacher.
Main duties:Corp. Style, print, video and teaching on a several subjects. Achievements: Developed a several unique CG learning programs.
Possition: Designer, VJ.
Main duties:video design, animation, 3d, print and vj-ing (real-time-video-mix).
FORSAGE: Four times best night club in Ukraine according to the main club portal Ukraine
Possition: VJ, Head of video department.
Main duties:development of the art-content.
Right after the opening, a night club, has become the hottest spot of the night Kiev map. not in the last turn at the expense a massive and well thought-thru advertising.
Possition: Designer.
Main duties: 3D, web, print, animation, presentation materials of company.
Achievements: winning the POSM tender from LG Which includes the design and production of presentation materials for points of sale across all Ukraine. In result - a production department was created
Possition: Web Designer.
Main duties: Web design, presentations, Flash banners.
Achievements: "Anmeka" - my first job, it will always be for me the main decisive step to mastering the profession.
Skills that i obtained in my Institute, was mostly technical. They came in handy for work in night clubs - where I was responsible for technical support of a wide variety of video systems.
Here I got the first web designer skills. I learn HTML, CSS и JavaScrit.
In this wonderful place I learned the history of art, as well as pencil, paint and sculpt in clay.



Various problems on developing advertising often mean large number of different specialists. I know how to build communication and how to allocate resources and assign tasks to ensure maximum efficiency in any creative process.


I have always wondered why people act in the way they do. Perhaps that for me is so important - analytical psychology, neuro linguistic programming, socionics and many other equally interesting techniques. Now I find them indispensable especially when analyzing target market, and team building.


Animation, filming, editing and special effects. When making a video I prefer to use Adobe - Premiere, After Efects, Flash. I am familiar with the shooting on chromo key. The fact that i'm not just shutting but also post processing filmed material helps me a lot. Because of this I know hundreds of nuances which must be followed in this delicate process.

Everything Is Possible!


I always liked to draw. No matter what it was - oily ink, pencil or photoshop. A specific tool does not matter. The main thing for me - a symbol, image and artistic metaphor.


First of all, my programming skills are dedicated to Web design. I am writing on JavaScript, PHP, MySQL. I'm well familiar with Flash - as2 and as3. All of this is complemented by excellent knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. In addition, I use various libraries such as JQuery, Three JS and many over.

I started working in 3D MAX for a few years before I graduated from high school. It is difficult to remember how many times this skill has saved my ass. By now I well familiar with - modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and VFX. I write scripts and using such plugins as Particle Flow, FumeFX, RayFire, V-Ray, Krakatowa and many others.



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